About Us

About Atharva AG Investment

Atarva AG Investments is a multi dimension investments business firm which mainly target to provide services and facilities to the people, which include national and international clients. Atharva name itself is pristine and sacred and the services and facilities provided by us would be ‘Talk of the Town’. 


We are mainly stepping in the market to fulfill the needs of the people in the sectors viz. Education, Codingal class, Tours and travels and vehicles , PCL Nursing entrance preparation ,IELTS ,PTE, SAT and so on. Atharva believe in providing knowledge opportunity services and facilities to the people beyond their expectation with minimum cost according to their affordability. Our motive is to provide quality services to the people to make able and competent for the progressive society and nation.


In the education sectors we provide quality education to the students through classroom coaching and codingal classes from well knowledgeable and experience tutors. To develop health sector we are giving birth to skilled and dexterous manpower through Nursing preparation class. As we know guests are taken as a messenger of god in our country.


To serve our national and international guests we are dealing in providing easy comfortable convenient and hygienic and affordable vehicles services . Atharva wholeheartedly involve to meets the above mentioned services to our clients and students. Your choice is our first priority to serve you.

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To reach our services and facilities every nook and corner of the country and the world.

To satisfy our clients through quality services and facilities and to make Atharva ‘Talk of the Town’.

Message From CEO

Welcome to Atharva AG Investment. It is great honor for me to take the attention of Atharva copartners and family, well wishers, customers and clients, all yours love care believe and support motivates and encourages us to add more efficiency in our every activities. We are in the market to do something better for the well beings of our clients. Atharva believe in providing different sorts of services and facilities for our national and international clients. We are dealing investment in different sectors education, entrance preparation, vehicles and so on. Our investment is to create opportunities to hundred of skilled manpower in an innovative way. Our approach is long term, strategic and creative, with an emphasis on sustainable returns. Our Investment pays close attention to nation, community, employees and clients on regular basis, since they are pillars of our existence. 

We are working hard to give our people best. We shall work continuously to provide our national and international clients with quality services and facilities. To became a prominent name and achieved prosperous milestone I am always giving my best. Atharva will always strive for excellence and will set high standard in all sectors. The journey of Atharva is never ending. I am confident that my investment will continuous to scale milestone of excellence in the years to come.

Dinesh Sharma